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Our Story

Vustra is a fashion brand designed in California by a team of design and tech professionals that cares about the well-being of our planet. Vustra (pronounced /vəstrə/)  means apparel.

As lovers of fashion and clothing, we were used to retail therapy until we learned about the dark side of the fashion industry and it’s top issues, namely, large footprint of conventional cotton, synthetic fibers, toxic chemicals and dyes, and inhumane treatment of workers. This realization fueled us to bring reform to this wildly unsustainable industry. 

We searched high and low to find clothing options that we could feel good about wearing; we found a lot of options for women, but nothing for men. Speaking to other men, we discovered that this was a highly underserved market. This critical insight along with our inability to take no for an answer, led us to create a clothing brand for the modern, conscious human. 



Our Products

Our vision is simple -- let’s create truly sustainable, workhorse apparel that has not only the lowest socio-environmental footprint but also remarkable versatility and timeless fashion. This is why we are committed to using the best possible materials -- 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton with only low impact dyes--and best possible production -- fair-trade and ethical manufacturing units.


Our Mission

Our team places importance on being deeply involved in every step of the process; selecting farms where organic cotton is produced, ensuring the quality of dyes have the least impact to our environment and visiting fair trade certified units to ensure the safety of our garment makers.   
Our production teams are involved in social economic development of garment makers and the communities around them by working on initiatives such as women empowerment and sponsoring education of garment maker's children. We believe that fashionable clothing should be more than an item on a hanger, its connecting with the stories of who made your clothes and where they come from.